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How to care for your Eyegasmic Artwork

Congratulations on purchasing your own Eyegasmic Artwork! Before you hang your new piece of wall candy, here are a few simple tips to ensure you get the most out of your artwork!

1.  Avoid placing your artwork print in areas of high foot traffic where accidental contact with the artwork is likely to occur. It is always recommended to place your artwork in spaces where you will be able to view and take great pleasure in your artwork

2. Periodically remove dust from the artwork print using a  dry soft cloth such as a micro fibre cloth. Wet clothes can leave stain residue and result in smudging. 

3. When handling your artwork print, always be sure to wash your hands before handling as natural oils from your skin can cause  smudging. In addition avoid rubbing the surface with your finger as this could result in scratched surfaces.

4.  For canvas prints or framed canvas prints, avoid hanging your artwork near direct sunlight or areas exposed to temperature changes such as windows, exterior doors, or  heating/cooling vents.  Constant expansion and contraction of the artwork due to temperature changes can cause the fabric to loosely hang on the stretcher bars. In addition avoid spaces of direct sunlight, as UV exposure can cause the artwork to lose it's colour.

5. Be sure to use Eyegasmic  Art's signature wall hanging kit which is included in your purchase of a canvas print or framed print,  to hang your artwork from a Wood or Steel Stud, as these structural components of your wall are excellent anchor points. Avoid hanging artwork using drywall anchors as some anchors may fail due to the weight of the artwork, especially when framed. If you have difficulty finding your studs,  tap the wall with your knuckle and listen for a solid sound. Hollow sounds indicate voids in your wall whereas solid sounds indicate locations of studs. Another easy way to locate your studs is by using a stud finder, which you can purchase at any local hardware store!

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