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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Eyegasmic Art. We here at Eyegasmic Artwork can assure you that you will have made one the best purchases you have ever made. By purchasing Artwork from us here at Eyegasmic Art, you can be assured that the Artwork you have purchased was crafted with the upmost care, attention to detail, and is guaranteed compliment any space you where decide to hang your artwork in. Furthermore, we can assure you that your newly purchased artwork is not only visually pleasing but is guaranteed to instill positive emotions amongst many and is truly one of a kind. We are kindly informing you that all purchases here at Eyegasmic Art are final.

In an effort to protect our customers, we here at Eyegasmic Art can you assure that all customer personal information collected for contact and delivery purposes only, are protected and will remain confidential. Whether you are a new customer, current or former customer, your personal information will always remain protected. Our commitment is to conduct our business with the upmost integrity and with your best interests at heart.

To provide our customers with most current information, we here at Eyegasmic Art will periodically revise the contents, products and services described in this site, and our social media platforms.  All content produced by Eyegasmic Art, found on this site and our social media platforms are not permitted to be copied, reproduced, downloaded, recorded, mirrored, or photocopied without prior written permission from Eyegasmic Art.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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